Friday, October 10, 2008

Keep It Real Friday

A Keep It Real for the record.

I'm not a wolf in sheep's clothing. I liked the Manny Ramirez I witnessed for seven seasons, I cheered for him relentlessly. However, that was Manny then, what you are seeing in Los Angeles, is Manny now. Two different people entirely. What you see in L.A. after they unlock the vault for him in 2009, will be more of what you saw in Boston for the previous seven seasons. I'm putting that to rest, I just needed the e-mailers to understand. Your correct in saying, "you didn't say that about him when he was wearing a B on his cap." I didn't, not because he played for my beloved Red Sox, but because I figured Ramirez was just being himself, not this scheming, backhanded, puppet of Scott Boras that he's become. Sound good? KEEP IT REAL!

I've got to take Pacman to task; If he played on any other team, I wouldn't think twice about it. I get it, you like to have a few drinks and let your hair down, we all do once in a while. But there is a difference between "we all" and YOU. We all aren't within a shoe string away from losing our career before the age of 30, we all haven't been involved in a strip club shooting or two, and we all aren't lucky enough to be given a second chance. It may just be a fight between your bodyguard and you after one too many drinks; but if this happens in your apartment or house and no one is around, your safe, your career is intact, and you are out of the headlines. After weeks and months of living a safer lifestyle, smarter lifestyle, and less expensive lifestyle, you could see Pac just wanting a night out on the town, right? WRONG! You had your nights out, and they almost cost you your entire life! Not only is it irresponsible, look at what happened to Jaguars guard, Richard Collier? That could be you Pac! Whatever Commissioner Goodell wants to do with Pac at this point, I'm on board. It'll hurt an already damaged Cowboys secondary, but I can't argue for a man who has been given this TYPE of chance. No way, No how.

Elgin Baylor is out as VP of basketball operations with the Los Angeles Clippers and has been hired to run the Oakland Raiders. Small joke, but seriously I've visited this topic before, for every 3 to 4 great front office guys that used to be players, there is 20-50 of them that are TERRIBLE in their post playing career. Theo Epstein never hit .320 in the majors and he's won two World Series trophies as a general manager. Since the start of the 2002 season, the Los Angeles Clippers are 88 games under .500, and have had just one winning season ('05, 47-35) My question is . . WHAT THE HELL TOOK SO LONG? This team has been NBA bottom feeders for years and years . . AND YEARS. Can you really blame Elton for bailing to Philly? (back to the point though; the Clips just drafted Eric Gordon, brought on Baron Davis, traded for Marcus Camby, I actually like this team in 2009) Keep It Real; ex-players running your organization = BAD IDEA.

LCS Preview: (The KEEP IT REAL Version; with edge)

National League; Phillies v. Dodgers This is Philadelphia, their fans have been tortured for years. The city has lost in the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup Finals, and of course NBA Finals. Wait, don't forget those John Kruk led Phils that lost the World Series in the early 90's. What would make you think they are going to break through this year? Especially when Dodgers manager, Joe Torre, has the baseball God's on his side to spite Hank Steinbrenner. Manny at Citizens Bank Park? Forgettaboutit. I like the Dodgers starters, Lowe & Billingsley more than I like Hamels and Myers. Were headed toward a World Series in Chavez Ravine, congrats Frank McCourt.

American League; Red Sox v. Rays Do I do it? Do I pick the Rays to dethrone the vaunted Boston Red Sox? They'll be no doubt if the Rays beat the Red Sox in the ALCS, to beat the best, you've got to go through the best. Yes, it is true that Ortiz, Beckett, and Drew have health problems. Their two World Series MVP's aren't in the lineup, Ramirez in L.A. and Lowell on the IR. However, Dustin Pedroia has hit .296 against Rays pitching, Drew .324, and lead off man Jacoby Ellsbury .292. Rays game one starter, James Shields, has an ERA approaching 5.90 against Boston (four starts). Sox hitters have hit .400 against Matt Garza in two starts. Ace Scott Kazmir, has allowed 18 earned runs in four starts, 14 walks, and 6 home runs. Can' do it. Sox in seven . . KEEP IT REAL!.

Oklahoma v. Texas . . .Florida v. LSU . . .Penn State v. Wisconsin. You can't get much better than this right? Another reason why football on Saturdays is more exciting than anything in life. Rawkus crowds, America's favorite game, and of course, national title implications all over the country!!! Keep it Real! Life doesn't get much better than rivalry games in Baton Rouge on a Saturday night.

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