Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keep It Real; Week 5 Pick 'Em

Sound Off: Now you've made me angry Ohco Cinco. I won't touch how ludicrous it is to imply that, if the Bengals were "causing trouble like they used to", they might be good again. That type of comment speaks for itself. Here is what I'm holding issue on; This is exactly why the Bengals are 0-4. This team has been over hyped by everyone, including myself, for each of the past three years. From top to bottom, they are being run by bad ownership and bad coaching. Chad Johnson isn't Randy Moss, he isn't Terrell Owens, and he isn't Reggie Wayne. He's a big mouth wideout who is only as good as the guy throwing him the ball, fortunately for him that guy is Carson Palmer. He's going to kiss the star in the middle of the field, when he scores against the Cowboys on Sunday? While I wouldn't mind seeing a George Teague like hit being placed on Ocho-Cinco, I hope the Cowboys don't give that brainless, half wit the time of day. Chad, are we supposed to take you seriously? Didn't you say you'd go and play arena football if the Bengals didn't trade you? Well, guess what? They didn't trade you, you tucked your tail in, and came back to the only team that could stand you. I still can't help but remind him that his new last name, Ocho-Cinco, is actually just 8-5, not his actual number, 85. I'd rip him for another four paragraphs but I'm not wasting my time with the second best receiver on the Bengals, the first is T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Really? Come on Cubbies fan, you aren't that shocked are you? No Bartman this time, the Chicago Cubs are headed out to Chavez Ravine on the brink of elimination, down 2-0 to the Dodgers. Did you really believe THIS was the year? The same year we saw the legendary Boston Celtics raise 'Banner 17', the year we forgot about Mark Spitz and welcomed a global icon named Phelps, the year the Tampa Bay Rays dropped the Devil and won the American League East in historic fashion, did you really believe all that would happen AND the Chicago Cubs fans would finally be rewarded for their loyalty? Call it shocking, call it an upset, but I'll call it what it is; 2 home losses to a better team. Strong starting pitching from Derek Lowe and Chad Billingsley, couple of homers from Ramirez, and one timely grand slam from James Loney. The difference between a Lou Piniella managed club and a Joe Torre managed club? A relaxed team in L.A. and a team playing not to lose in Chicago. I really attempt not to smile when I see Cubs fans' go home upset but as the saying goes "In life, only (3) things are definite; Death, Taxes, and the Chicago Cubs choking." So I may have added the last, but it fits.

I can't ignore the saga that is the Oakland Raiders and owner, Al Davis. I won't wax poetic about Davis. Unfortunately, I don't feel like Al has anyone around him who is strong enough to tell him to step down. The interview that sparked this conversation was in a word; pathetic. Could you see an owner like Bob Kraft, Jerry Jones, or Daniel Snyder doing this? In Dallas, Jones has been grooming son, Stephen, who is the current COO and Executive Vice President of the Cowboys, as the eventual successor. Bob Krafts' son, Jonathan is heavily involved in the day to day of the New England Patriots, Patriot Place, and oh yea, MLS franchise, the New England Revolution. Yet in Oakland, who has Al Davis groomed? Davis is 79 years old now and has clearly lost his touch. He's largely responsible for Super Bowl winning coaches Mike Shanahan and more recently, Jon Gruden, exiting Oakland to win titles in other cities. He's now hired and fired one of the NFL's youngest coaches ever, Lane Kiffin, in one of the more bizarre moments since O.J. driving in a white bronco. The overhead projector, the Dr. Huckstable sweater, and of course the Raider windbreaker, it's all out of touch and a it too crazy for me. Coal mining, Dick Cheney's hunting partner, and dish washer, all jobs I'd rather work than be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. It's time Al hangs it up, or at least turns off the camera on himself. Keep it Real, I don't need to see the crypt keeper any longer.

I hate the Anaheim Angels; Sure that sounds a bit strong but their ballpark is Epcot Center (ballpark style), their fans wave thunder sticks, clappers, and rally monkeys, and to put it simply, their just not my thing. They won't beat the Red Sox or the Rays, and I would appreciate if Bud put a mandate on the thunder sticks, WERE OUTDOORS, whatever happened to putting your hands together and clapping? It seems to me that the Cubs and Wrigley are on their way out, I don't want to watch October "Dome" baseball in Tampa, and this "Mickey Mouse" ballpark has worn on me, what's left? The Fens!!!! Keep it Real!

Pick 'Em

Indy -3 @ Houston Indy has had two weeks to prepare and get healthy for Houston. The Texans have appeared to be going backward in their development, with the exception of rookie Steve Slaton, they've looked below average. Indy -3

Titans -3 @ Ravens The Ravens lost a close game on the road in Pittsburgh last week. Rookie QB, Joe Flacco, has looked good enough and of course their defense has looked fast and hard hitting. Only second to . . The Titans. Haynesworth is running things up front, I'm going with the Titans and rookie RB, Chris Johnson. Titans -3

Washington +6 @ Philly Sure you can get up to play the Cowboys on the road, but can you do it in back-2-back weeks? Westbrooks' health looks uncertain, for the Eagles it will take more than field goals to beat Washington. Skins +6

New England -3 @ San Francisco Hello!?!? They lost to the wishbone offense that the players hadn't seen since college! They are still the New England Patriots and the 49ers are still the 49ers! Pats -247

Tampa +3 @ Denver If this game were in Tampa, I'd be all over it, if gambling was my thing of course. Denver plays well at home and even better after a loss. If this offense is for real, Tampa is the perfect pop quiz. Denver -3

Minnesota +3 @ New Orleans Minnesota done yet? If the Detroit Tigers hadn't gone belly up, as predicated, the Vikes being bad would have been my best prediction of 2008. 'Nawlins at home, nuff said. Saints -3

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