Friday, October 17, 2008

Keep It REAL Friday

I had B.J. Upton rip my heart out as he laced a first inning, two-run homer off of Daisuke. Over the next six innings I watched Rays take a commanding 7-0 lead, including a two-run double off of lights out closer, Jonathan Papelbon. In my mind, this wasn't 2004 and the Red Sox were being left for dead. I guess part of the pre-2004 Red Sox history still looms in back of my head. Then, well, you know what happened. Thoughts of Bill Mueller's season changing homer into the bullpen, Dave Roberts diving into second base, Johnny Damon lifting a clinching grand slam over the short fence in the Bronx, came rushing back into my head, just as David Ortiz reminded us all why they call him Big Papi, by launching a 3-run homer right into the stands and bringing the Sox within 3 runs. Let's be honest, after the Red Sox ninth inning rally to win Game 5, I feel no more comfort during an elimination game than i did before that game, but the possibility is there. For this franchise, in the past five seasons, the possibility, is all they need. KEEP IT REAL Tampa; you should avoid waking sleeping giants.

While were talking baseball, how about those Phillies? Hey Manny, that's just Cole Hamels being Cole Hamels baby!!!!! In his two LCS starts, the Phillies southpaw allowed just three earned runs over fourteen innings pitched. Yes, Ramirez might have a World Series MVP Trophy, but at this time of the year, I'd rather have the kid whose allowed just three runs in three post season starts. Need anymore validation that pitching wins championships? Hats off to the Phils, they worked the Dodgers in the NLCS. As for the Baseball Gods, no way were they letting Manny in The Classic not even with Joe Torre in his corner.

Quicknote: With Phillies skipper, Charlie Manuel, having to deal with his mothers passing in this postseason, all the more fitting that he'll get to manage in the World Series.

Funny isn't it? How the 08'-09' NHL season has already started and well, no one cares. I'll give this region of the country (New England) a pass. The Celtics are beginning defense of their 17th Championship winning season, the Red Sox were still competing for their third championship since 2004, and for Pats fans, their sadly still holding out hope. But the rest of the country? NO EXCUSES. Wait, actually you've got plenty of them. I like the NHL, in March, April, and May. I don't know enough about professional hockey to tell you exactly why, why it is that playoff hockey is so much different than the regular season. I can however tell you some things:

1. For the city of Detroit, the Red Wings are all they've got.
2. Sidney Crosby v. Alexander Ovechkin is the new age Gretzky-Lemieux
3. The Blackhawks started 4-1, and canned their head coach

Anything sound interesting? See you in March. KEEP IT REAL!

Nike does commercials right. Their latest of Charger RB, Ladainian Tomlinson and Steeler DB, Troy Polamalu growing through the years then coming together in the NFL is awesome. Thanks YouTube.

Anyone else hear that Cowboy quarterback, Tony Romo, recently received a phone call from fellow quarterback, Brett Favre? What do you know? Now it is rumored that Romo is willing to play, actually he WANTS to play with his broken finger. I think its great that Romo is motivated to play after he gets a call from Favre, the quarterback he most resembles, but it pisses me off that that's what it takes. Look, with the talent surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, anything short of a Super Bowl would be a let down. They've got top tier players catching the ball, rushing the ball, and throwing the ball, you should be able to beat teams, and beat them handily. KEEP IT REAL COWBOYS! Time to man up and string some wins together, a victory against the defending champs on November 2nd would go a long way to making a statement.

This is something that has bothering me for a little bit. MMA; otherwise known as Mixed Martial Arts. I don't care if the sport is "the newest thing" it's in a word. LAME. Now the new guy that everybody loves, street fighting legend, Kimbo Slice, right? What is a street fighting legend? I've never seen a street fright on my street, maybe that is because I live in the suburbs, and because it's ridiculous. In twenty years, no one is going to remember the "Kimbo Slice fight", because no one cares. I'd rather watch 82 games of hockey before I watched consecutive MMA fights. Why can't boxing make a comeback? Somebody help me with this, because if one more moment of Sportscenter is filled with this MMA crap, I'm going to be sick. A real sport, say football, suspends guys for helmet to helmet hits, because they realize that it isn't safe, someone will get seriously hurt, and they are being proactive. In MMA, someone is going to get kicked in the temple and be dead; going to show those highlights on Sportscenter? Luckily, they don't have youth MMA, and the children in this country can still play teeball and hoops, you know sports that normal people get jacked up for. KEEP IT REAL!

Saturday Night; 8:00 PM Virginia Tech @ Chestnut Hill. GO EAGLES!

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