Thursday, April 17, 2008

The smoke isn't clearing . .

As the 2008 NFL Draft is approaching the top 5 picks are becoming a more difficult read than the bible. The Dolphins are talking contracts with Jake Long, Michigan's monster left tackle, future superstar Darren McFadden is getting more hype than ever, and once again the New England Patriots hold the best position in the first round. A tad hungover from that Yankees/Sox battle in the Bronx last night; I'm going to attempt to put together a comprehensive top 5 selections for the fans.

1. Miami Dolphins Is it that hard to imagine Bill Parcells throwing up smokescreens by talking contracts with Jake Long and Ohio St. defensive end Vernon Gholston? The Tuna is the same guy who traded his #1 overall pick with the Jets in 1997 to the Rams, who used the pick to draft perennial all-pro, Orlando Pace (also a standout, Big-10 offensive tackle) Could you honestly see Parcells taking Jake Long with the top pick? Of course not. Remember just months ago when it was said that the Tuna was headed to Atlanta then just days later he is in Miami being introduced as the team president. Bill is all about leverage, just like he leveraged the Patriots to get major dollars from the Jets, just like he leveraged Arthur Blank to get paid by Wayne Heizinger, finally just like he is leveraging Jake Long and Vernon Gholston to get Chris Long to lower his price. Virginia DE Chris Long is the top pick to the Miami Dolphins.

2. St. Louis Rams What team would CLEARLY buy that Vernon Gholston was at one point actually considered for the #1 pick by the fish? The St. Louis Rams of course. The Rams drafted Adam Carriker in 2007 and now have the chance to draft an equally impressive defensive player in 2008, enter Vernon Gholston who fits the 3-4 defense, and would immediately impact that soft Rams defense. To the Glenn Dorsey whispers, he isn't a nose tackle and each of the last two seasons has had injury problems, YOUR DRAFTING SECOND OVERALL not 23rd, this pick could be a disaster if your selection sits out 8 games with turf toe. Gholston is safe and would be a good edition to the Haslett defense. Ohio State DE, Vernon Gholston #2 to the St. Louis.

3. Atlanta Falcons Let me sound off on Arthur Blank for a second, If Matt Ryan hasn't heard from you about a contract by April 25th, I got Mike Vick calling collect from Leavenworth. The worst decision Matt Ryan ever made was throwing into double coverage, I'd say that is a remarkable upgrade from your last franchise quarterback. Here is your opportunity to really bring respect to the franchise and your going to draft either offensive tackle Jake Long or defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey? Ryan may not be Peyton Manning but hasn't he proved that he can produce with little to no talent around him once? Ryan would have his work cut out for him in Atlanta but in my mind he shouldn't slip past the Falcons and if he does GOOD because I'd love to see him on a team with more talent. I'd take Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan with the 3rd pick but something tells me Mr. Blank has other ideas; To afraid to make a mistake Atlanta selects Michigan OT, Jake Long at 3.

4. Oakland Raiders before the commissioner can even get "With the . " out of his mouth, Oakland has already turned in their pick and Darren McFadden is hugging his family. Do I think that Oakland has better options at 4? Of course I do, do I think if they played their cards right they could have enticed say Baltimore to trade ahead of Kansas City to grab Matt Ryan, maybe. The Raiders do what the Raiders do best, make you scratch your head. With McFadden being the most talented player in the draft it is hard to say that he isn't a good selection here. Jets fans grab the tissue box; Oakland makes Arkansas RB, Darren McFadden the #4 pick

5. Kansas City Chiefs Maybe Herm Edwards is a genius and is attempting to throw EVERYONE off track at pick number 5. The only head coach or general manager to come out and gush about BC quarterback Matt Ryan was Herm, he even went so far as to attend the quarterbacks pro day on Chestnut Hill. The Chiefs clearly need help on their offensive line and from jump street experts talked about names like Jake Long and Boise State's Ryan Clady. On April 19th a week away from the draft the likes of Glenn Dorsey & USC DT Sedrick Ellis are being rumoured about. So who the hell are the Chiefs going to pick? Call me crazy but several things haven't been said that need to be: Really, Brodie Croyle? Brodie Croyle is the guy your entrusting your team with? I'm not as sold on Croyle as ummm anyone is. Aren't the Cheifs the same team that selected Larry Johnson coming off a great career at Penn State when Priest Holmes had just ran for 1,600 yards and 21 touchdowns? It may have been a smokescreen in December but when your head coach and general manager show up at pro day in MARCH none the less, to watch the ONE player that everyone is there to see something is definitely up. Believe it or not, the Kansas City Chiefs select Matt Ryan, quarterback Boston College.


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