Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Love, For Kevin Love

Absolutely foolish, that is what I call UCLA center Kevin Love's decision to go pro. My first question is this, who is assisting him in his decision making and when did Pacman Jones fire that person? No matter Love's impact in Westwood this past season he isn't built for the NBA at all. I'm not sure on his financial situation but I can't imagine his stock NOT rising if he had stayed in college another year or two, maybe even get him in the top 5 as oppose to the range of 10-20 in the 08' draft. His monster game against Western Kentucky (29 points, 14 boards) in the tournament doesn't exactly impress me, especially when playing against an NBA style defense in Memphis he was held to 12 points and 4 of 11 from the field. As far as the argument "He was the conference player of the year" goes, it was the Pac-10 give me a break, Washington State was destroyed by Carolina, Stanford was throttled by Texas, and his Bruins got handled by Memphis to the tune of a 15 point loss in the Final Four. The most impressive thing Love did in the tournament was hit a full court shot in warm-ups, I think I saw Lucky the Celtics mascot do that the other night. Love just isn't as athletic or physical as NBA style centers and in the NBA his size turns him into a power forward. Athletic rookie center Al Horford weighs 245lbs. and can run the floor, Kevin Love weighs 271 pounds and is the same height as Horford. Don't get me wrong I think that Kevin Love is an excellent college basketball player but he should have stayed in college and needs to get in better shape before the NBA draft. Durant, Oden, Beasley, Rose, even Kansas State's other freshman stud Bill Walker were and are more pro-ready than Kevin Love. Kevin be cool, should've stayed in school.

( If you don't know the picture on the right side is of Kevin Love getting posterized by Memphis guard Chris Douglas-Roberts )

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