Wednesday, April 9, 2008

March Madness: Day 10; O-V-E-R

I was at opening day in Boston yesterday so I apologize for this being a day late. So the NCAA tournament is over and WHAT a tournament it was, we had a Cinderella playing for the Final Four, game winning 3's (See Western Kentucky v. Drake), and finally a National Championship game worth every cent. I'm throwing every bit of negativity out the window for this blog, I won't rip Coach Cal for not properly using timeouts, I won't rip Derek Rose for not fouling with 10.5 remaining on the clock, and finally you won't get me to admit my true feelings about instant replay in sports. Oh no, this one is a tip of the cap to the Jayhawks and arrival of head coach Bill Self into the Izzo/Williams/Krzyzewski League, if he wasn't already there.

Kansas has won a National Championship and WOW was it deserved, with minutes remaining in Monday nights finale Kansas stifled the Memphis team that had all but cut down the nets. With the Sherron Collins 3 ball to bring the Jayhawks within striking distance Memphis just couldn't hold on. Missed free throws and a Chalmers game tying 3 with 2.3 remaining on the clock just about set the stage for a Kansas torching of Memphis in the OT. At the end of the day I want to know that the team hoisting the trophy is the best team in the country, even though you could argue that Memphis didn't help themself out much, Kansas was the best team in the country. You can't say that Kansas didn't have their share of challenges, RPI #1 conference, Big-12Conference Champions (Regular Season and Tournament), toughest team to beat to GET to the final four in Davidson, BEAT North Carolina in the Final Four even if they were a bogus #1 overall, I'd say that is deserving enough. On Tuesday morning there were three certainties:

1. Bill Self should go to Oklahoma State- He has done everything he can at Kansas and there is a blank check waiting at his Alma Matta.

2. Derrick Rose should be the #1 pick What Rose did in the NCAA tournament against the likes of other top guards Brandon Rush, D.J. Augustin, and Darren Collison has done more than legitimize the Memphis freshman superstar. 1 and DONE.


This isn't the end though, because of the rumours surrounding which of the super freshman are going pro and which are staying in college I wanted to weigh in, you know it's important for me to let the fans know what I think. (hence the blog which I give my opinions on a weekly basis)

Texas guard, D.J. Augustin - While an upperclassman Augustin is currently mentioned in every sentence when it comes to WHO is the best guard(s) in the country, because of how the Memphis NBA ready guards dominated the Longhorn he should: STAY

Memphis guard, Derrick Rose - Rose is the consensus top guard in the country and many would say top player in the country. Rose could be THAT guy to turn around the franchise in Manhattan: GOES

UCLA center, Kevin Love - Love is a GOOD college basketball player, he isn't nearly physical enough to play an 82 game NBA schedule and needs alot of work on his physique. Love is young and has good upside: STAY

Kansas State forward, Michael Beasley - Clearly good enough to play in the league and has the size. Played 1 year in a quality conference and was by far the best player in the conference let alone COUNTRY if you ask me. Beasley was a college basketball player for just two semesters and that was two semesters to long: GOES

Southern Cal guard, O.J. Mayo - To me, Mayo's game translates to both the NBA and college ball, this one is difficult because for me Mayo could be servicable in the NBA but another year wouldn't hurt him. I'd like to see where this USC team could go in year two: STAY

UCLA guard, Darren Collison - Again an upperclassmen who needs another year, the NBA is full of Derrek Roses . . . Billups, Paul, Williams, Nash, Rondo, Roy, etc. all guards that could dominate Collison and I can't help to think that the emergence of Russell Westbrook didn't help out Collison: STAY

That's all folks . . . .

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