Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pick 'Em: Week 10

A rough go of it last week. The Highs; The Giants improved to 6-2 while establishing themselves as the NFC favorites through week 9. With a win against divisional rival Kansas City, the Raiders continue to raise eyebrows sitting at 5-4. The Lows: The Cowboys 45-7 loss in Green Bay resulted in the firing of Wade Phillips. As AFC North rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh improved to 6-2, the Bengals have slid to 2-6. With Thursday night football starting this week . . .

These are the Week 10 picks.

Last Week: 3-8-2
On The Season: 65-58-6

THU, NOV 11 8:00 (ET)

Baltimore at Atlanta Atlanta is going to run the ball tonight. With receiver Roddy White being hampered by a knee injury, Matt Ryan and the passing game won't be able to take advantage down the field. The Ravens and Falcons are going to battle it out keeping things close. Ravens +1

SUN, NOV 14 1:00 (ET)

Detroit at Buffalo Back to the well for the Lions quarterback position. Matthew Stafford was injured yet again, making way for backup Shaun Hill to take over the offense once more. No cause for concern though, the Bills look like they're actually trying to ensure that #1 pick. Lions +3

Minnesota at Chicago I like the Vikings in this one for the simple fact that they've somehow been able to stay out of the news this week. The 5-3 Bears aren't as good as their record. Expect for Vikings head coach Brad Childress to give them heavy doses of Adrian Peterson. Vikings -1

NY Jets at Cleveland If your a Jets fan, last week splashed cold water in your face for sure. The Jets overtime win in Detroit bailed them out while the Browns blowout win against New England woke them up. The Jets are going to have to go into Cleveland against a tough Browns team looking to rattle the cage. Could go either way, hence the three-point spread. Browns +3

Carolina at Tampa Bay The Bucs get to go home against a division foe after dropping one in Atlanta. Their division foe, the 1-7 Panthers who are just an off season away from firing head coach Jon Fox. Come on, the Buccaneers have played too well to take a team lightly and get stunned at home. Buccaneers -7

Houston at Jacksonville At 4-4 with the Titans and Colts playing well in front of them, it's time for the Texans to get back on board or risk missing the postseason. With three of their next four on the road, Houston rights themselves this week. Playoff teams should beat the Jaguars. Texans +1.5

Cincinnati at Indianapolis Despite their massive amounts of injuries, the Colts are still in first place and have yet to lose at home. Cincinnati has not been the type of team to rebound and recover after bad starts in recent years. Their rushing game has looked very poor at times this season. Still, I'm not convinced Indy with their injuries can blow teams out. Bengals +7

Tennessee at Miami Is Chad Pennington the answer in Miami? A quarterback who had contemplated retiring in the offseason, now is being elevated to the #1 starter going forward in Miami. Just days after finishing his second 3-interception game of the season, the Dolphins have seen enough from Chad Henne. This should be an interesting game with Randy Moss joining the Titans offense in the same week. No Kenny Britt for the Titans is the biggest factor in this game. Dolphins +2

SUN, NOV 14 4:00 (ET)

Kansas City at Denver The losses have begun to pile high in Denver, no pun intended. With their loss to San Francisco in London, the Broncos slipped to 2-6 on the season. Getting Kansas City looking to keep pace after their lost to Oakland last week isn't the best thing for Denver. Have more respect for Kansas City. Chiefs -1

Dallas at NY Giants Things won't get completely turned around in Dallas this week. The fact of the matter is, Tony Romo is about to get put on the IR and won't be coming back this season. Without a quarterback who can avoid the pass rush, there is no way things will turn around, especially not in New York. If this group of Cowboys has any pride remaining, they'll take offense to getting tagged as 13.5 point dogs against a division rival. Cowboys +13.5

Seattle at Arizona This ought to get the fans excited. I liked Seattle when they were playing at home against Arizona. Now on the road, I like Arizona. For the simple fact that watching this game is about the last thing I want to do on a Sunday afternoon. Arizona -3

St. Louis at San Francisco The Rams are a ream which needs to be respected. At 4-4 and out front in their division, they're going to start separating themselves from the pack. Sam Bradford threw for another two touchdown passes this past weekend and stayed interception free. So long as he keeps his eye on Patrick Willis, the Rams are going to improve to 5-4, something we couldn't have imagined a season ago. Rams +6

SUN, NOV 14 8:00 (ET)

New England at Pittsburgh This will be a big test for both teams. The Patriots are going to attempt to recover after an embarrassing loss in Cleveland and the Steelers are going to have to prove they can win against a team they'll most likely see in the postseason. I like Tom Brady in big games, but for Brady and the Patriots, this is just any other game and it'll be close. Patriots +4.5

MON, NOV 15 8:00 (ET)

Philadelphia at Washington The Skins got by Philadelphia earlier this season, primarily because Mike Vick was on the sidelines with injured ribs. This time, that isn't the case. I'm convinced these two teams are further apart than three points. Eagles -3

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