Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Diesel Cometh . .

After I tossed my alarm clock through the window this morning I rolled over and turned on sportscenter(is it just me or does everyone set their alarm clock once for one time, then when it goes off roll over and set it for the time you actually need to get up?) anyway the top story on sportscenter was that a proposed trade that would send Marcus Banks and Shawn Marion from the Suns to the Heat in exchange for 4-time World Champion, lifetime MDE (most dominant ever), and STILL a top 5 center in the league Shaquille O'Neal. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big fan of the diesel, in my lifetime I've witnessed Jordan torch the NBA and bring every opponent to their knees, but I've also been lucky enough to witness as previously stated, the most dominant athlete in any sport at his position EVER. At his prime the former MVP could play on any team with 4 other starters and immediately make them the #1 or #2 contender for the NBA title. Russell, Bird, Magic, Jordan, and Shaq are the only superstars who could make that statement, maybe a few others cough, cough, sorry Tim Duncan I have a coastal bias. With O'Neal in the worst season of his career, productivity wise, it makes the Diesel expendable, and for a franchise that is quickly watching their window of opportunity to win a championship slam close, the Heat have a buyer. I can't help think that the Phoenix Suns don't know what month of the year this is, haven't watched Shaq play since 2005, and just watched the Lakers make a move that immediately makes them stronger in the West. I spell this one way, P-A-N-I-C. I love Shaq and his career, I love that he immediately puts people in the seats, gets the media excited to cover him, but Phoenix has no problem putting people in the seats, are exciting enough by their style of play, and still have the best record in the Western Conference. When this deal goes through the Phoenix Suns will have managed to slow their fast paced team, lost Kurt Thomas in order to reduce player salaries yet traded for Shaq and added $40 Million, so the Suns are pretty much banking on Shaq finding the fountain of youth and Steve Nash being able to incorporate O'Neal on the fast break, oh yea and he has missed a bunch of games lately because he is injured. I read an article on ESPN.Com this morning that summed it up best: This seems like the type of move where someone sits up at the table and says "This is so crazy, it might just work!"

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