Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Colt No More

Damn, I love football. In the offseason and still getting all the 'pub.'

Am I going to far in saying that former Colts quarterback and 4X-NFL MVP, Peyton Manning, should be the most sought after free-agent in NFL history?!? Am I going to far in saying that the Indianapolis Colts and owner Jim Irsay just made the biggest sports gamble in recent memory?!? Am I going to far in saying that, while I wrote it, Stanford Cardinal quarterback turned NFL draft prospect, quarterback Andrew Luck, literally has the biggest boots to fill, of-all-time?!?

No, No, and No.

Coming from the biggest Andrew Luck supporter this side of Palo Alto, you better buckle up my man! The guy you're replacing may have one of the most awkward side-profiles of all time but just put together a historic, Hall Of Fame, record-breaking career, and he ain't done yet. His last five years in The League, (sans 2011), Manning hung up 4,000+ yards to go with 27+ touchdowns in each of them. You want the short or long list of suitors?!? Miami, Washington, Arizona, and Kansas City, shall I go on?!? Not needed. There are plenty of teams in the NFL that know all to well how much Peyton Manning can improve their Super Bowl odds and get their fan bases all fired up for 2012. For the haters, that means you Patriot fans, he's 1 for 2 in the 'big dance,' and it isn't like you don't what it feels like to drop a couple, right?!?!

I hope Colts owner Jim Irsay knows what he's doing, or at least has a plan other than parting ways with one of the two greatest quarterbacks of a generation. After cleaning house in the Colts front-office, then moving to Manning, I seriously hope Irsay has some people he plans on putting around the young Andrew Luck. I, unlike those in 'The Beltway,' think Peyton stays in the AFC, casting his shadow over Indy for more than a year or two, thus casting it over Andrew Luck. Can the confidence of the Stanford quarterback and electric ability under center turn the proverbial page for Colts fans? Can Luck become the new face of football in the Mid-West?!?! At least he saves you a cool $30-Million, cause that's what it's about right?!?!

For what it's worth, Peyton was a rock in Indianapolis. Consecutive games played, a pair of Super-Bowl appearances, the type of signal-caller that made you watch the game. He's the quarterback who will forever be historically linked to the likes of Tom Brady and yes, Ryan Leaf. He's the quarterback that put together the funniest commercials, for whatever that is worth, and turned the NFL into a 'passing league,' that's right, it's on him. Now you and I get the to the fun part, watching the Montana of our time play in another uniform, similar to, ummmmm right, Montana. Because he's a Colt no more.

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