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Eleven Through Twenty: Mock It Up!

We're kicking off draft week with my next slew of mocks. We'll be talking draft mostly this week so stay tuned for the remainder of round 1 tommorow and questions from the readers.

Get After It!

11. Denver Broncos Rolando McClain LB, Alabama I've thought McClain is extremely underrated as a prospect for quite a while. McClain's a phenomenally instinctive player who matured into a big time play making leader on the National Champion Crimson defense. If head coach Josh McDaniels has McClain morphing into a Mike Vrabel type leader on the defensive side of the ball, as he witnessed in New England, than you take the player with huge intangibles.

12. Miami Dolphins Dan Williams NT, Tennessee He comes with a stamp of approval from Monte Kiffin, the legendary defensive coordinator who coached Williams in his senior year at Tennessee. Parcells and Sparano want mature players who can step right in and make an impact. This offseason they've parted ways with Ted Ginn and Joey Porter while adding Brandon Marschall and Karlos Dansby, now they've go to address their defensive line with the twelfth pick. Williams impressed them at the Senior Bowl and will give the a huge run stuffing defensive lineman.

13. San Francisco 49ers Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers With three offensive tackles already off the big board, the possibility of more coming off looms, the 49ers only option is to address their line and hope for other things to pan out for them to select "their player" at 17. Davis is a project, he's 6'5", 330 lbs., yet that doesn't matter much. His downside is the issue. He's said to be lazy, immature, and unmotivated. However, those were the same issues surrounding current 49ers TE, Vernon Davis, and now look at him. If Mike Singletary can do the same with this Davis, the 49ers would finally have their cornerstone offensive tackle. Can they risk passing on his size? I doubt it.

14. Seattle Seahawks Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State The Seahawks wanted former Broncos standout Brandon Marshall, but they had more glaring needs and couldn't give up the picks to get him. If Dez Bryant is available here, the Seahawks will have added a big time offensive weapon and protection for their quarterback with their earlier pick. Easily, the Seahawks will have had the best first round of anyone at that point. If I was in charge in Seattle my eyes would be on 2011. Putting the pieces in place this season may increase Seattle's odds in winning the Jake Locker sweepstakes next season. Locker's a WA native, he's got a big body, big arm, someone Pete Carroll has a read on, he answers any question in Seattle. As for Dez Bryant, he works well with a head coach like Carroll, someone who loves young talent and works great with them.

15. New York Giants Sean Weatherspoon LB, Missouri The Giants would benefit most by adding a blitzing speed linebacker who can get up on NFC East tight ends. From Jason Witten in Dallas to Fred Davis in Washington and Brent Celek in Philadelphia, the Giants could use an upgrade. A veteran in the college game, Weatherspoon started three seasons at Missouri and could immediately pick up the Giant defense who seems to have lost some of their bite. Plenty of teams drafting behind them would be upset to see him come off the board hoping that he would have fallen slightly lower. Pssst, too high for Ryan Mathews from Fresno State, but if you believe your running game is missing something, then Mathews is your guy.

16. Tennessee Titans Jason Pierre-Paul DE, South Florida A 4.69 40-time has sold me. Jason Pierre-Paul is yet another speed guy from South Florida. The Titans have a massive need to get after the quarterback and that is exactly what Pierre-Paul can do. He's 6'6", 265 lbs. with explosive off the ball speed. Somewhat of a veteran defense, the Titans would have some work to do with Pierre-Paul he's only played organized football for less than five seasons. Such a young player, his skills are hard to ignore but I like the Titans taking on Pierre-Paul, the outcome could be as high as a Jason Taylor once was but it could also mean bust.

17. San Francisco 49ers Joe Haden CB, Florida In an ideal San Francisco scenario, Joe Haden is still available. The 49ers need to improve their secondary which isn't great, (21st ranked pass defense in 2009). I don't like this pick, I'd be more likely to take the best available player in the draft rather than pick Haden and hope his flaws don't become glaring at the next level. At Florida on a standout defense, Haden could take risks and jump routs, you can't do that at the next level. Haden isn't ready to square off against Larry Fitzgerald, I don't know if anyone is, but he's going to be forced to in San Francisco. It's possible Haden will be a hit, but to risky to gamble on a guy, who gambles. Not a fan, but the 49ers are and have a need. Haden will benefit from playing in a division with little to NO quarterbacks who scare anyone.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers Kyle Wilson CB, Boise State Wilson is a mature cornerback and a safe pick. The Boise State corner impressed alot in the weeks leading up to this point, he's got a load of talent at that position which is exactly what Pittsburgh needs. His toughness and aggressiveness is something the Steelers have to love and with Polamalu over the top, they can get by with Wilson's rookie mistakes. The Steelers haven't hit on a first round pick in a while, with Kyle Wilson, the Steelers can make a splash at filling a positional need.

19. Atlanta Falcons Brandon Graham DE, Michigan The Falcons have been very aggresive at addressing their big needs right away in the first round. General manager Thomas Dimitroff immediately went after filling quarterback and left tackle in his first season. The second season in Atlanta, they improved their defensive front drafting Peria Jerry. Now, Dimitroff must be really focusing on getting after the quarterback for the 2009 28th ranked pass defense. WIth Brandon Graham, they answer pursuit questions and get a player who can really get after the signal caller. I'd be stunned to see the Falcons go any other way if Graham is available.

20. Houston Texans Earl Thomas FS, Texas They got a courtside view of Earl Thomas in Austin for the past few years. Thomas is the type of player who can disrupt some things in the secondary. In a division where he's got to play against Peyton Manning twice a year, he'll have to develop quick. He's a safety who can cover sideline to sideline and if not for the great Eric Berry, he'd be the best safety in this years crop. He's not a bulking safety like Taylor Mays but he can hit, you worry about Earl Thomas being able to stand up in this league, Bob Sanders could do it, but is injured all the time. The Texans want this kid, they want to keep him in the Lone Star State.

. . . . Twenty-One - Thirty-Two Tommorow.

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