Wednesday, February 10, 2010


To think Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant wasn't the #1 selection overall just three years ago is simply ridiculous. At just 21-years old with only two full seasons in the league, Durant is quickly becoming one of the games most dominant scorers.

The Thunder are in the midst of a phenomenal stretch and have won 30 games before the break, more games than they've won in any full season since landing in Oklahoma City. This success can be directly linked to their young superstar who will represent the Thunder this weekend in the All-Star game. In 25 straight games the former Texas Longhorn has scored 25 points or more, a stretch which his Oklahoma City Thunder are 17-8. Hoping to reach the postseason, (currently 6th best record in the Western Conference), the Thunder will be largely leaning on the play of Kevin Durant whose yet to disappoint.

Sandwiched between such prolific scorers as LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant is just one of three players in the NBA averaging north of twenty-nine points. If Kevin Durant can continue his high-scoring season, it'll be a tight race down the stretch to capture his first scoring title and emphatically announce his presence to the NBA fans around the country. It isn't just Durant's scoring which has been impressive this season, it's his all around game. In 51 games, Durant is averaging more points, shooting a better percentage, and also pulling down more rebounds than he did a season ago. For the third season in a row, Durant's numbers are elevating at a much quicker rate than most. Following in the paths of the previously mentioned 'Melo and LeBron, Durant's rookie season jump to sophomore season saw at least a five points per game differential. Any doubt remaining on his ability to score has completely left the building.

To imagine we debated on whether or not to select oft-injured Trail Blazers center, Greg Oden or the phenom known as Kevin Durant, at this point, is absurd. A player whose missed just ten games in three seasons, Kevin Durant has not only become the franchise, he's become the most exciting player in the NBA this side of King James.

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