Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bouncing Into It

With the NBA season nearing the mid point, LynchyRightNow is implied to launch in. What better way to do it than a Live Blog?!? The last two NBA Champions meeting for the first time in 2010 on Sunday afternoon, it's Celtics vs. Lakers . . .

Let's Get After It!

3:37 Mike Breen and Mark Jackson have just begun the assault on stating the obvious. "Having knee surgery this late in his career can take a toll on Kevin Garnett."

3:39 Artest & Pierce get into it before the tip, Ron Artest folks a.k.a. Captain Crazy.

3:42 Don't like all the whistles early, not a good sign for Kendrick Perkins, not a good sign at all. However, Rajon Rondo definitely taking the next step this year is more than willing to take the shot. Over/Under on minutes before we're in the bonus? Pierce has two fouls before first bathroom break.

3:45 Not buying into Jeff Van Gundy and his theory that Phil is making Kobe play with the broken finger, guessing that's all Kobe 2.0; I'm not forgetting Eagle, Colorado either Kobe!

3:50 I know he may not need to be, but Andrew Bynum should be better than 15 points and 8 boards a game, he's playing with Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Furthermore he's got zero argument that he should be an All-Star, I don't care what Van Gundy is trying to convince us of.

3:52 Perkins (2), Artest (2), and Pierce (2) the fouls are getting a little out of control. Reign it in zebras.

3:55 Tough to defend against that one, Kobe drills a three pointer with a man in his face. Can we get an independent medical expert to take a look at that "broken-finger?" Don't know if I'd be getting in the face of Rasheed Wallace, Pau the man just doesn't seem to care and that's a bad sign in the crazy department.

4:02 That's an interesting story, upon visiting The White House, Kobe's daughter asked the president to buy girl scout cookies? Doesn't she know he's on a spending freeze? Typical Laker fan.

4:05 End of the first quarter. Celtics have turned the ball over seven times; hence the 11 point Laker lead heading into the second quarter.

End Of Quarter One: 30-19 Lakers

Sidenote: Don't know why Glen Davis would want to lose his nickname "Big Baby." You think "Jelly Bean" Bryant liked the nickname of a delicious Easter time treat? Of course not, but people remember you if you've got a nickname no matter how ridiculous it is.

4:10 Sideline interview just went down an awkward path. In response to Andrew Bynums good first quarter play, Phil Jackson retorted "he's done good" then abruptly walked away. Must be the zen, back to you in the booth.

4:16 With Kobe on the bench, Celtics on a run here and down only six. The fouls aren't taking as much of a toll, Tony Allen playing with a ton of energy off the bench. Pau Gasol and Rasheed Wallace just had a little conversation about whose beard grows in worst and looks creepier. I'm going with Pau's.

4:24 I know I'm about one of the best arm chair coaches around; So I feel pretty safe saying this. Why do big men at every level feel the need to bring the ball down, slam the ball onto the hardwood and then go up? Your bigger than everyone on the court, leave the ball in the air and finish! Biggest hoops pet peeve, BY FAR!

4:30 Back from 13 down, the Celtics have tied it up at 40. Wait, now up by 3. Big comebacks can't be a staple of this team in 2010, I can't stress that enough. When your forced to comeback you use so much more energy. With Pierce, Allen, Garnett, and Wallace, all of who have serious miles on their legs, are on the same court, you've got to finish teams early and let them rest.

4:32 Jeff Van Gundy is lambasting a fan whose face is painted two colors and is rocking a huge green Afro. Can't blame Van Gundy, you deserve whatever you get when your over 25 and wearing that getup.

4:34 A 12-0 run for the Celtics. These old dogs have fight left in them.

4:37 While my Celtics bias is clearly showing, I have a ton of respect for Kobe and the Lakers. Has Kobe ever been part of a team that suffers a horrible losing season? He really is amazing and much respect. Paul Pierce for THREEEEEEEEEE! Bias coming through again.

4:40 Rajon Rondo really is filthy. Mark Jackson just brought up a great point, "If this was Steve Nash, we'd be raving about him" he's right and at this point I'd rather have Rondo.

Halftime: 52-47 Celtics

5:05 Is that how the Grizzlies sell their meeting with L.A.? Pau Gasol v. his brother! If his brother was Shaq then that might work, might. I can't get all fired up for Pau v. Marc Gasol, sorry not buying those tickets.

5:10 Going to look up how old Derek Fisher is, I swear the guy has been in the league for at least 15 years. . . close, only 13 years for the 35-year old point guard. Can shoot, probably a good locker room guy, and pretty clutch.

5:11 Perkins (3), Garnet (3), and Artest (3) So I'm guessing the fouls are really going to play a big part down the stretch.

5:15 Rajon Rondo has owned this game. Go ahead, make an opposing argument. He's controlling the game, pushing the ball up the floor, and playing great defense. If the Celtics are going anywhere this season, Rajon Rondo may have to carry them like he is this afternoon.

5:22 Back and forth third quarter, Celtics are up by 7, playing really aggressive and getting into a good defense each time down the floor. Paul Pierce is playing injured, but still coming up nicely.

5:30 Rondo has 21 points and 11 assists with a quarter remaining.

End Of Quarter Three: 73-66 Celtics

5:34 Eddie House drilling a three-poiter to kick off the fourth quarter, very impressive. Hold the Lakers down for 11 minuets and it's yours.

5:38 Alright, all things are going right for the Celtics now. First they tip a ball out of bounds and the ref makes a horrible call and gives it to Boston. Then Ray dribbles the ball off his foot and saves it to Eddie House for another three.

5:43 Celtics really haven't given the Lakers many easy shots. Within five, L.A. is struggling to get off easy shots, at some point they are going to have to let Kobe take over.

5:50 Two-point game, strange how the Celtics have been in control and this game still remains very close. This game can't go into overtime if you ask me, energy will be a huge problem.

5:54 Rough traveling call from Rondo, flawless game till now. Within minutes this is getting too close for my liking.

5:56 137,490th advertisement for the premier of Lost and it's final season. Don't care, never have. Used to watch Gilligan's Island as a kid, same thing more dramatic.

6:01 That missed free throw from Perkins is going to haunt these guys.

6:04 7 seconds remaining with Ray Allen pressed close to him, Kobe Bryant rips off a jumper and game over. Lakers have a one point lead with just seconds remaining, going to take a huge shot for this one to fall the Celtics way.

6:09 Game ends on a missed three pointer from Ray Allen. Shot too deep.

The Celtics had several games here to turn things around and regain control in the East and heading into the All-Star break. Unfortunately, their three game losing streak against Orlando, Atlanta, and the Lakers today, caps a 3-7 stretch over the last ten games. If any team needed a break it's Boston, if any team looks stronger than L.A., I can't name them!

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