Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is Dez The Answer?

Dez Bryant is in your face.
He's exciting. He's controversial. He's as Cowboy as they get, or at least how I remember Cowboys to be. Since Michael Irvin's injury-plagued 1999 season, we've longed for the days of Cowboys like Michael, Deion, and Charles Haley. Cowboys as bad as they want to be, Cowboys that don't hold anything back, Cowboys who are better than the player playing opposite them, and know it. Everything we've seen from the Dallas Cowboys' twenty-fourth pick in the 2010 NFL Draft has evolved into just that, a brash, confident, 24-year old game-changing wide receiver, who is about to take center stage . . . if he hasn't already.

On the brink of amazing.
As other Cowboys standouts Miles Austin and Jason Witten are forced to take a back seat to the talents of Bryant, now-veteran quarterback Tony Romo is finding life much easier with #88 on the receiving end of comeback-victories. Eight touchdowns over his last six games, it is no wonder the Cowboys are back in control of their own destiny after winning five of those last six. Bryant is on pace for career highs in touchdowns, receptions, and of course receiving yards, despite his own personal plans to play the remainder of the Cowboys postseason push with a broken finger. However, it isn't the touchdowns or the constant 'in-your-face' moments with defensive backs such as the likes of De'Angelo Hall, it's the 'come get some' catches that the put the New York Giants on the edge of their seats. It's the willingness to play for teammates, putting himself behind those playing alongside him, call it stupidity, but we call it being a Cowboy. Coming up on a must-win situation vs. New Orleans this weekend, a sub-par pass defense, Dez Bryant is poised to have yet another big day.

As mega-owner Jerry Jones anointed Dez Bryant before ever playing an NFL game, handing him the same number as Cowboys greats Drew Pearson and the previously mentioned Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant is being forced to live up to potential that even he may not have ever seen in himself. Despite maturity issues which have tarnished his image early on in his career, Dez Bryant is in the midst of his greatest season as a professional and having his breakout year just in time. As we continue to watch Bryant's play soar to new heights, it is no wonder that it coincides with that of uptick in Cowboy play. When was the last time you saw this team make the plays necessary to win close games, or the last time you saw this team on the positive end of upset victories. If Dez Bryant is the next Michael Irvin, or at the very least able to hold a candle to the likes of Cowboys past, it's possible he's the start of America's Team on their way back, out of a decade all Cowboys fans would like to soon forget.

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