Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LRN Power Rankings: Week 4

Brett Favre turned back the clock. Matthew Stafford finally put a notch in the Lion win column. The Bengals are a hair away from a 3-0 start after upending the defending champion Steelers. As for LynchyRightNow, we're tired of reading other Power Rankings. Albeit three weeks into the season, we're putting out our own. All (32) teams, including the St. Louis Rams.

Week 4 LynchyRightNow Power Rankings:

(1) Baltimore Ravens - Three dominating wins thus far; @ New England, Cincinnati, and @ Minnesota in the coming weeks, will really show how dominating.

(2) New York Jets - A fine 3-0 start for young Mark Sanchez. The bite of the Jet defense will take on the leagues most explosive offense in the Bayou this Sunday.

(3) New Orleans Saints - Two tough road wins in Philly & Buffalo proved they can play away from the dome. Beating the defense of the Jets & Giants over the next three will prove even more for that potent offense.

(4) Minnesota Vikings - We just learned one thing Tavaris Jackson couldn't do that Brett Favre did do. This may make the Vikes more dangerous than we originally thought.

(5) New York Giants - Layups against both Kansas City & Oakland coming up after layups versus Washington and Tampa in previous weeks. If not for Tony Romo's collapse in week 2, I'd have more doubts about that Giant defense.

(6) Indianapolis Colts - Close wins versus Jacksonville and Miami had me questionable about Jim Caldwell Colts. Peyton's four touchdown, 379 yard performance in the desert gets rid of those questions.

(7) Cincinnati Bengals - Not a misprint. After three weeks the Bengals have bought in and so should we. Wins against Pittsburgh don't come easy.

(8) San Francisco 49ers - Tough loss for young team against Minnesota in week 3. Have to show respect for this team with or without Frank Gore.

(9) New England Patriots - A must win against a hot Falcons team, no problem. New England showed their teeth this week, get on the edge of your seat.

(10) Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons had something to prove last week and didn't. The road only gets tougher. Going forward, San Francisco, Chicago, then Dallas.

(11) Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles had a great bounce back week under Kevin Kolb, we've yet to see Mike Vick unleashed. (Bad pun, sorry.)

(12) Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys won't put 30 on the board against good defenses anymore. However, they will run the ball down your throat. Two straight weeks of 200+ rushing yards against good defenses, Cowboys ground attack has been dominant.

(13) Chicago Bears - It's time to get Matt Forte going. Jay Cutler aside, the Bears should be pounding the football.

(14) San Diego Chargers- In Pittsburgh before a bye, then the Chargers have three straight division games. That's when you make a statement.

(15) Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers has much to prove this week. A win against a 3-0 Vikings team will go a long way, showing the Packer faithful their team is in the right hands will go even longer.

(16) Denver Broncos - Can you rank a 3-0 team any lower than 16th? Their week 4 opponent has rushed for nearly 600 yards on only 85 carries, the Bronco defense better be ready.

(17) Pittsburgh Steelers - Getting San Diego at home should calm Steeler Nation. Against Detroit and Cleveland in the following weeks should get them to 4-2 and return sanity in Pittsburgh.

(18) Tennessee Titans - I like the Titans, really I do. The only 0-3 team this high should tell you that. Time to get off the mat.

(19) Houston Texans Two losses at home, way to treat your fans to a new season. In come the Raiders, take care of business.

(20) Buffalo Bills - Someone remind T.O. why he is being goaded into comments. Pushups on your driveway in Philly? Get your popcorn ready in Dallas? You don't think Buffalo reporters want their turn?

(21) Arizona Cardinals - It's embarrassing to not show up on your home turf. Your fans paid good money to see the defending NFC champs and you laid two eggs at home. Unacceptable.

(22) Carolina Panthers - A 21-7 loss was closer than it seemed on Monday Night. However, Jake Delhomme needs to put together more than one good drive an outing if they want to have a shot.

(23) Seattle Seahawks - I don't agree with Jim Mora attacking Olino Mare for missing field goals. If Jim's offense could get it in the endzone rather than asking their kicker to kick 6 field goals, this wouldn't be in the discussion.

(24) Jacksonville Jaguars - I'm still going with Jack Del Rio as first head coach fired, although with the birds circling around Jim Zorn it doesn't look good.

(25) Miami Dolphins - As far as rankings go, expect this to only get worse. Chad Henne did not look good on Sunday.

(26) Detroit Lions - Mapping it out now, I see at least two more wins on their schedule. 300% more than they had last season.

(27) Washington Redskins - Daniel Snyder is first place in his fantasy league and last place in his real life league. Congrats you just dropped one to the Lions.

(28) Oakland Raiders - Bad news for your team when your head coach is the only one who punches people in the mouth. Oakland: Where anything can and will happen.

(29) Kansas City Chiefs - Welcome to Kansas City Scott Pioli. Good news though, you get Washington in three weeks.

(30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Surprise, the Tampa Bay Bucs have changed head coaches and still have the same problem. No quarterback.

(31) Cleveland Browns - Not a good sign when 10% of your team is about to file grievances with the NFL against their head coach. Trivia question: Which is best for Cleveland, Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson? Answer: Neither.

(32) St. Louis Rams - That's what you get for passing on offense weapons every year in the draft. I wouldn't have Kyle Boller bag groceries for me.

That's the Week 4 Power Rankings from LynchyRightNow, check back in next week for the updated rankings. Thanks for reading!

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