Monday, July 14, 2008

Maybe I'm Wrong, But . .

Brett Favre should stay retired. Between the Cowboys, Giants, Chargers, Patriots, Colts, and Jaguars, can Brett actually carry the Packers to a Super Bowl championship in 2009? I doubt it. I'll take this to the next step, I think Aaron Rodgers gives the Pack just as good of a chance to win. (If he goes 14-2, I'm going to look like a genius)

I'm a fan of Brett, I admire how he played the game and how long he played the game. Along with being a closer in baseball and point guard in basketball, quarterback is one of the most pressure packed positions in professional sports, if not THE most pressure packed position. With that being said, Brett did it just as good as anyone else and I've done more than tip my cap for that. Sadly, it ends at that. This "will I, won't I" game that Brett has played for the last several seasons is just getting obnoxious.

If you haven't guessed, I'm on Team Rodgers, if not for anything than to just give the guy a shot. Throw on your Wrangler jeans Brett, and hang up the spikes. For those who don't agree with me, (that means YOU, cheeseheads) I have some questions.

Do you know he's only won one ring? My cohorts who root for the Pats would also make the case that if not for Bill Parcells completely derailing his franchise during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, they would've beaten the Pack. Twelve years later the residents of Green Bay, Wisconsin don't clamor for another Super Bowl, all they want is to see #4 throwing timely interceptions. John Elway (2), Troy Aikman (3), and Joe Montana (4). It's hard for me to believe that all the Packer faithful ever wanted was one Super Bowl ring out of their legendary Brett Favre. I don't know about you but after twelve years of let downs, I'd want more.

Why would 25 to 50 year-old men get dressed up in their Packer gear, on a Sunday afternoon in July, to go "rally" outside the stadium in an attempt to sway the Packer management to what? Bring Favre back? We'll leave alone the absurdity it takes to believe that what your doing has influence and focus mainly on the absurdity of what your doing. I'll give you the benefit in saying their isn't much to do in Green Bay, but I won't give you this was the best option. Sleeping, having a Sunday dinner with your family, watching grass grow, watching paint dry, working, and cheering on the Brewers WOULD ALL BE INFINITELY BETTER IDEAS THAN STANDING OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER WEARING YOUR FAVRE JERSEYS AND WAVING FLAGS. I like a good tailgate party, I even like wearing jerseys no matter how old you are, but let's keep it to actual SPORTING EVENTS! Go home, cut your grass, have dinner with your family, and for crying out loud, take off the damn face paint.

What did you think would happen when Ted Thompson drafted Brian Brohm? This is the problem with Packer fans, you never thought Favre would go back down south, where he lives, and enjoy his retirement. The Packers drafted Brian Brohm as an insurance policy on Aaron Rodgers in the first round of the 2008 draft. Aaron Rodgers was THE GUY that Thompson first drafted as an insurance policy on an already aging Brett Favre in 2005. You think Thompson would have drafted a second insurance policy if Favre hadn't cried his eyes out about retiring? Let alone the fact that Thompson is committing major dollars as a GM to Brian Brohm and Aaron Rodgers as current and former first round draft picks. Don't blame Ted for not latching his wagon onto Brett Favre, here's a guy who was on his way to Brett's home to bring Brett out of retirement before Favre looked him in the eye and said, I can't. Were you the one who was going to get blamed if Favre was in retirement and Rodgers failed? No, you weren't. Ted went out and got the best available quarterback in the draft class, and if you know a thing or two about Brohm, he isn't the type to be unsuccessful.

Ryan Grant, remember him? Yea, Yea, don't tell me that ole' Favre was the only reason this Packer team went to the Conference Championship. If not for the monster second half of Ryan Grant, the Packers would have been at home alot sooner than they were. Almost 1,000 (956) yards rushing in just seven starts in the backfield, 8 rushing TD's, and 5.1 yards per carry. Short memory? Grant rushed for 201 yards on 27 attempts and scored 3 TD's in Green Bay's playoff victory over Seattle.

What ever happened to cheering for the jersey, not the name on the back of the jersey? When Jerry Jones refused to pay for the services of Emmitt Smith, the all-time leading rusher, and he became an Arizona Cardinal, Cowboys fans everywhere didn't become Cardinal fans. When Montana wore a Chiefs jersey did 49er fans gather up their merchandise and head to Kansas City? I'll keep going because it seems necessary, Jerry Rice on the Raiders, Namath on the Rams, or the shell of Nomar on the Dodgers (it's personal) I truly worry about Packer fans when Favre is wearing a another jersey come September.

Finally, I ask you, What about Aaron Rodgers are you so afraid of? Change is good. Good Luck Aaron, even if you don't win a ring in 2009, you'll do exactly what Favre has done each of the last 12 seasons, go home empty handed.

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